Slice Pie Company

We are so grateful for your continued support and hope that you can pop into our 1400 S Saunders St Raleigh 27603 location soon! We have slices, whole pies and 4-pack mini samplers for sale with our own parking lot! It’s always best to preorder our whole pies and samplers to ensure that you get exactly what you would like.

~The Pie Lady


 We are a family owned business, founded by a father and daughter's shared passion for baking pies. Each pie that we make originates from a family tradition, neatly sealed with our dangerously delicious State Fair Blue Ribbon crust-- often compared to a flaky biscuit. Each bite tells a story into our family history and truly makes you feel like you're eating a pie straight from your grandmother's kitchen.

Our pies are not only award winning, they are requested by local and nationally recognized VIPs across all industries, including entertainment, political and global charities. 

To see Slice boldly stepping in the front of the line as a sought after pie company is simply amazing! Thank you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for the large conversations and even the small whispers about Slice. All of it is making a difference and turning our dream into a reality.


~ The Pie Lady


1400 S. Saunders St. RALEIGH, NC

We are directly off highway 40 with our own parking lot

Whole, Half, Slices, Mini Sampler Packs
Walk-ins Welcome